Adventures with Greg Paskal


Hi, my name is Greg Paskal and I love a good adventure. I grew up backpacking throughout the High Sierras and rock climbing all over California. That was a few years ago and while I don’t do much rock climbing anymore I still love to get up early on a Saturday morning and explore my surroundings.

I’ve created this website to capture some of my favorite weekend adventures in hope that it might inspire you to get outdoors and explore the places around you.

Even visiting a location you have been to many times before can provide a lot of enjoyment. Take time to slow down and listen to the birds or the quiet wind moving through the trees. God has created this wonderful planet for us to enjoy and take care of.


Don’t just limit you outings to weekends, look for short adventures you can take on your lunch hour or on your way home from work. A hour walk after a busy day of meetings can really help you unwind.

Welcome to my Adventures